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Felting Tips
The row or lengthwise of an item will felt faster and more than the stitch or horizontal direction. A good rule: Knit or crochet twice the length you want for the finished item and at least 1/3 more for the width.

Use an Icord bind off for the top of a bag to be felted. It keeps the top smooth and even, giving extra strength for the handles. Keep in mind that an Icord bind off uses approximately 3-4 times for yarn than a traditional bind off.

Always use a mesh bag or pillowcase to enclose items to be felted. This keeps the lint from clogging the machine and protects the item as well.

Defining an edge for gussets and bottoms on felted bags. Before felting, on the edges you wish to define, pick up and knit one row, then bind off.
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