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I need some help ladies and gents...
Okay, now what I'm about to ask for help looking for I do not know the name of.....that makes it all the more difficult to describe, but I'm gonna try!

I am looking for a "thingy" that will hold our kitchen towel. We currently use the stove handle and it always falls off and pisses my dear hubby off beyond words! I, of course, laugh at this, but it just happened again and so off I went to my computer to get some answers from all of you!

When I was little, one of my friends mother had this thing that attached to the wall, not sure how, but when you put the towel in it it had these teeth-like things that gripped it so it wouldn't fall out. It's not large at all, it's quite small from what I remember, so do any of you know what the heck I'm talking about?? Or what it's called even??

I am willing to send a check to you for a million dollars if anyone can help me. I hope monopoly money is okay!!
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