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Turning the Heel
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ARe you making the thumb gusset?

Look towards the end of the pattern, if there is seam instructions, then it is knit flat with straights.

If it talks about rounds rather than rows, then it is done on DPNS.

When it says turn the work, just pretend that you don't have any knitting on the left needle and turn the work as IF it were the end of the row (round), and then do what it says...

most times it will look like this

k8 turn
px stitches....

that means knit 8 stitches, and you'll still have x stitches on the left needle....

If you need to cast on a stitch in addition to the ones that are already there...

you can use the backward loop method, (NO way I'm going to try and attempt to describe, I'm sure Amy's got a video) that's good for really no more than 3-4 sts, as it is REALLY stretchy...good for button holes...and that's about it..(imnsho)

I like using the knit cast on...stable, can add as much as you'd like to get done what you need to do...

there's a lot if you get confused...just ask away!!!

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