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Let's see where am I?

I did do a pair socks so I guess I'm ahead of my tagline, but I ended up screwing something up somwhere and they're a little funny looking. But they're soft and cozy so I wear them as slippers now. I'm just happy I can say I did a pair of socks.

Someday I'll try a "real" pair of socks for my SO, but he's so picky I'll have to wait till I'm good at it, cause if they're off, even just a little, he won't wear them....
I still feel like a newbie.... But I'm learning.

Christmas knitting ARGH!!!!
OTN: Scarf for DBF, Scarf for sister
Projects waiting to be made: table runner for mother
I can't wait to make something for myself again.

I'M IN RAVLERY!!! Jennmarie68
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