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Cat Litter - Wow. What. A. Deal.
Someone might wonder just how many conversations one can have about cat litter, but here goes another!

We use Tidy Cat litter (still haven't switched to the biodegradable kind), and yesterday while in Home Depot (of all places), we find they are no longer going to carry pet products, and they have the 27# containers marked down to $5.00 each. That's about 50% off regular price. Well, being that we have 9 cats and will definitely use cat litter, we bought all they had - 15 containers!

With a little over 400 lbs. of cat litter in the back, the little Jetta wagon looked like a low-rider on the trip home!

Just thought it might be worth a mention if someone out there is looking for a deal! They also had dog food and other items marked down.

Happy shopping!
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