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Originally Posted by KEDEK5 View Post
Also beware I think there is a correction needed on that pattern. Keep in mind I did this 2 years ago and it was my first cable project, so maybe it has been corrected. If I recall they had you doing a knit stitch and it should have been a purl on the cable or visa versa. It is a very cool scarf and my son really likes his. Good Luck!

I think it must have been fixed, because I did three pattern repeats of the cable section last night and I can't see any glaringly wrong stitches. (That's just luck on my part!) The one problem I saw is that the info page says it has a moss stitch border, and it doesn't.

What color did you use? I'm doing my father's in a light gray, kind of a classic "sweatshirt" gray. I think it would look better in a cream or light woodsy color, but my color selection is very limited for this weight of yarn and this was the best color I could find. My LYS only had this gray, black, and burgundy (which I bought for my grandmother to make her the Ropes and Ladders scarf from Pieknits).
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