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I had a GREAT time!!! I'm still recovering from yarn overload..... Mom and I went Thurs and Fri. The opening lecture was really interesting with the guy from Trendsetter yarns, and a knitting designer and a yarn shop owner all talking about how yarns are designed, made (fascinating) sold and worked up into new patterns.

There was a great sit down lunch and a "stash wall" of 1 yard sections of about 20 yarns being featured at the show (including mmmmmmalabrigio ) and you could take a couple strands of everything!

Then I took a class on colorwork with Brandon Mably (the designer who works with Kaffe Fasset) which was intense. I hadn't expected to have to learn how to read a chart, knit the chart AND learn his "ends free" knitting technique all at once. but I did it!!!! he was a great teacher, and very funny.

Then we went to Kaffe Fasset's slide show/ talk about where he gets his inspiration for his colorwork in knitting, needlepoint, painting and quilting. Very Inspiring. And he was Soooo nice when we bumped into him at the market. (even though I didn't have his book to be signed)

Then we spent 2 hours at the market preview on Thursday and 4 hours at the Market on Friday and a pile of money!

I got Cherry Tree hill cotton for $8 /skein; a lovely cashmere merino blend for $7/ skein; noro daria for half price a bag; mandarin petit cotton for $3.50/ skein ; Addi's, a gorgeous crochet hook make of teak; 2 shawls made by russian orphans; 3 patterns.... got a sample of the new Malabrigo laceweight (free!)

I didn't see anyone with KH pins, but I did meet a few Ravlery members.

I think I even saw Eunny Jang! (but I was too embarassed to go introduce myself in case I was wrong)

We are definitely going back next year. we got to talk with so many interesting people and get so many ideas. my head is still spinning!!
did I say one project at a time?

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