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Log Cabin Baby Blankets for Charity
I'm still in.

Here's the list of log cabiners: debinoz, larudden, HollyP, kellycarr05. Do any of you have log cabin blankets? I think most of them are being held hostage somewhere .

Are you all still interested in doing log cabins or should we just throw our lot in with the big group? Please let me know ASAP, so a decision can be made.

This is a volunteer thing for a good cause, so whatever you feel you can do, not should do, but can do is wonderful. And if you can't anymore, that's okay, too. Just please communicate!

I'm not nagger and I assume that if someone says they'll do something they will. I also know life gets in the way and sometimes we can't follow through on what we thought we could. That's okay, too. Just communicate!

"So, you in?" --Ben Baily
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