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keeping a cone shape isosceles and not scalene!
Hello all,

I am knitting a witch's hat for Halloween ( I'm hoping my wearing it will drum up "business" for my lunchtime knitting club for my students. Here's my problem:

The pattern calls for working in the round and increasing by one at the start of each round. I did that and after a few inches I noticed a ladder-type seam curving around my work. I switched to increasing on the stitch before the marker, which makes the seam much less noticeable.

My problem is that the hat is pulling to one side and I'm not sure which increase is causing that. Any ideas or suggestions? I was hoping to get a good bit done this weekend, but I'm not going to knit any more of it until I figure this out.

Thanks to anyone who answers, I really appreciate it!

Seems I can't delete this post...reread the pattern and answered my own question. Looks like I'll be spending the evening ripping out my piece and starting over


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