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A gift of yarn....unwanted.
So my mom likes to tell people I knit. She came over today with MASSIVE bag filled with yarn. I guess she mentioned this to my Uncle, who works for GoodWill. They had all this yarn no on was buying, so he packed it up to give to me.

But it's all so old, smelly and itchy... I pulled out a small bag or 2 of ok yarn. One filled with some soft cotton, and another filled with a pink mystery yarn that is very thick and thin. Enough for a scarf and hat set.

But now what? Normally I would tell people to give it to good will, but that is where it CAME from... I don't care to do charity work, and if I did, I certainly wouldnt use such itchy yarn, or seriously ugly colours. One bag is filled up with like 14 balls of neon mustard yellow. Seriously, I didn't know mustard yellow could be neon.

What would you do with it?
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