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Pattern help please for knitting in the round vs. flat
Hey ladies - I'm working on a pattern but it is knit flat - I want to convert it to knitting in the round - can anyone help me please - I'm just unsure how to change the ssp and p2tog for knitting in the round - I'll post 2 lines here and maybe someone can help me

I'll put X's in the #'s so that I'm not posting the exact pattern.

row 1 -Px, Kx, k2tog, yo, Kx, yo, Px, yo, Kx, yo, ssk, Kx, Px
row 2 - Kx, Px, ssp, Px, Kx, Px, p2tog, Px, Kx

so do I replace P with K stithces
the ssp on row 2 with k2tog's
replace the p2tog on row 2 with ssks

so would row 2 be:
Px, Kx, k2tog, Kx, Px, Kx, ssk, Kx, Px
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