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Sorry, but someone who copied the pattern from the book and sent it to you would be violating Nicky Epstein's copyright protection.

Here's a small tutorial on copyright law as it applies to knitting:

I know it sounds like no big deal, but think of it this way:
Nicky Epstein spent years to learn her design skills and who knows how long to write the book. When a reader distributes copies of her work, Epstein is being deprived of royalty income from her book.

It's okay to copy from library books within legally prescribed limits. Even if your library is poorly stocked, you can ask for an interlibrary loan, which I'm sure a library system the size of Chicago's can arrange for.

The other thing you can do is Google "free knitted rose pattern." There are quite a few -- at the Lion Brand and Berocco sites, for instance. One of them might do the job for you.
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