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way OT, sorry
Originally Posted by astonh View Post
DITTO!!! I THINK we pretty much have #1 taken care of and are working on being consistent with that. #2 is taking a bit more patience though.
We had a huge problem with the second function. She was actually AFRAID to use the potty for that. A friend of mine confessed that with her first child, she actually had to push her down onto the potty at just the right moment. Nothing I had tried worked, and one day when my daughter was crying and yelling "Put a diaper on me, put a diaper on me NOW!!!" because the phenomenon we're discussing was imminent, I took her into the bathroom and literally pushed her down on to the pot. Success was unavoidable at that point. Once it happened, she was elated! She was free of the terrible fear! She bragged about it for days! And I think she has forgotten that I pushed her.
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