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Please, help with Sleeve Instructions!
I'm Knitting the "Hooded Alpaca Parka" from Knitting With Balls, and I have a few questions regarding the increases on the sleeves.

The pattern reads:
"With double-pointed needles CO 56 sts. PM and join for working in the round.
Rnd 1: Knit
Rnd 2: M1 for "seam" stitch, PM, *K5, P2, rep from * around (57 sts).
Rnd 3: Knit
Rnd 4: K1 *K5 P2, rep from * around. Rep rnds 3 and 4 until piece measures 2" from CO, ending with rnd 3.
Inc rnd: K1, sl m, M1, work in patt to marker, M1, sl m.
Work even for 6 rnds. Rep the last 7 rnds 17 more times, working new sts into patt, and changing to circ needle when convenient (93 sts).
Work even until piece measures 19 inches."

Now, I need to adjust the pattern to 24.5" (my son has very long arms), so...

Question 1: I've been told that I should work even for 9 rnds rather than the 6 rnds called for to lengthen the sleeves, so then I should repeat the last 10 rnds 17 more times, right?

Question 2: The first "made stitch" at the begining of the row will be M1L and the one at the end of the row will be M1R (or vice versa)?

Question 3: Regarding working the new sts into the pattern...I understand that after I do the first inc rnd (which is rnd 1, right?), rnd 2 will be all knit, then when I get to rnd 3, there will be 1 "seam stitch" that I will knit, then pass the marker, then the "made stitch" that I will purl(right?), then knit 5, then purl 2 etc. And, when I get to the end of the row there will be 5 knit sts, 2 purl, then 1 "made stitch" that I will purl (right?).

And it follows that after the next inc. rnd, there will then be an additional "made stitch" on either end that will both be purled, and on the third inc rnd there will be yet another "made stitch" that will be knit, along with the next 4 inc rnds after that, and so on....right?

And, hopefully, when I get to the 93 sts, and work even for 24.5", the sleeve will have the right length along with the correct shape......

Sorry, I know this is long, and I've probably made it more complicated by trying to put it into words. I appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks!
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