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Question about circular or DPN for a beginner :)
Ok I hope that I can explain this in a way that someone else might be able to understand and help me fix my problem. OK SOOOO..when I knit with straight needles I have this problem too....anyhow..when i cast on my stitches and then begin knitting the yarn in between my stitches gets longer and longer and when I pull the needles apart the yarn with tighten the stitch but I still have that long yarn in between my needles. When I get to my last stitch that i casted on i am unable to knit into it because I can't get it to tighten so I have always just cast on one extra stitch and just don't use that last one once I get to it. Well I'm trying to learn how to use circulars and DPN's but I can't seem figure out why this keeps happening and because of it I can't join the knit into a circle because I have this LONG piece of yarn that I can't get rid of or fix. Does anyone understand what I'm saying...or what I'm doing...or how to fix this? I'm getting really frustrated and can't move on to circulars or DPN's til i fix this. Thanks for your help guys
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