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wow. i really like that yarn (a lot), but i don't know if it would be right for a beginner lace project. maybe something more like a necklace. the thing is, you could use it for your first project and actually fall in love with lace. but what if it gives you a hard time and completely turns you off from attempting lace in the future with a "normal" yarn? i would reccomend trying something like knitpicks' shadow for your first go at lace. too many firsts all at once might not be such a good idea. i just got some shadow and have decided to knit the tam/scarf set from IK's holiday gifts. i've never done lace before, so i'm really excited to get started. i'll probably do the scarf first because the lacey bits are only at the end. in fact, i know i'll do the scarf first to prepare me for the tam.

let us know what you decide. we're all in this big knitting world together!
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