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Chevron Pattern Question
I'd like to attempt a chevron pattern for a scarf but am confused about part of the pattern.
Row one: K1 ssk *k9 sl2 purlwise K1 P2sso K9 K2tog K1.
This I understand and will adjust the pattern for a scarf(18 sts in pattern)
Row Two: K1 *P1 K4 (K1 Yo K1) all in next stitch k4 P1 K1.
HOw do you do the K1 YO and K1 all in one stitch?
K1 and don't slip the stitch over the needle- then wrap the yarn, then knit again into the same stitch before sliiping off the needle?
Is there an easier way to do it?
Thanks in advance for any help!
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