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Interchangeable needle sets...
I'm thinking of starting to get the pieces for an interchangeable set (I can't afford to buy the whole set but I can afford a couple of cords and some points). I can't stand plastic/resin needles so I don't want to get the Denise set. I'm allergic to nickel, though, so I'm worried that the metal KPO needles will irritate my skin - has anyone with metal allergies tried them? My concern with the wooden ones is that I knit pretty tight and sometimes my stitches snag on my wooden and bamboo dpns.
My other option is Boyle, as I have found some of these in my local Hobby Lobby and I don't like ordering things online so they have the advantage of being something I can get locally and affordably, but I have heard complaints about the cables being stiff and that the tips come unscrewed. I use regular Boyle cable needles at the moment so I'm guessing stiffness would be comparable? And since they are metal needles and the same company as most of my needles, I'm guessing they would be familiar to knit with except the coming unscrewed part.
Does anyone have any advice for me?
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