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Yes, there is a video under "knitting tips", about picking up stitches. The one suggestion I would make is that because picking up stitches is often a little hit or miss-- because you're actually picking up rows, not stitches, when you do it, and so getting it to come out evenly is a little confusing-- is that I would mark off quarter sections of the band with pins and then pick up 38 sts in 2 of the sections and 39 in the other 2, which will equal your 154, and you'll get it more evenly (or even divide the band into eighths, if that's even easier).

As for the top-- it seems to be worked into sort of a flat disk, because you are picking up stitches along the entire long edge of the band. So it will look a little funny as you're knitting it because you're working with the entire top all at once. But once you are finished and get it off the needles, then the shape should be more obvious to you. Here's the great thing-- you've done the majority of the work, that is, completed the band, and if the top doesn't work, you can frog it back and start that part again without having done any damage to your band!
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