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That's a great idea-- to take it to your LYS. But just in case you don't-- do you understand from the video how to pick up stitches? If you do, here's the only adjustment you have to make. Do you see how she's poking the needle through the fabric from front to back, that is, away from her? And then knitting the stitch? All you have to do is poke it from back to front, that is, TOWARDS you, and then purl it.
As for having problems with this pattern. . .some of it is getting used to knitting abbreviations and garment construction. And some of it is that instead of the old days, when patterns were almost always produced by the yarn companies and proof-read a zillion times, now there are new ones coming out literally every week, and the mistakes are just too numerous to count (take a look at the sites devoted to corrections, for instance!). Also, patterns could be complicated, but were standard-- an Aran sweater was an Aran sweater was an Aran sweater. Just look at the number of threads on this site devoted to pattern confusion! My point being, don't get frustrated or think it's you!
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