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can someone find humor in this?
My Daughters best friend she always goes trick or treating with, her father did not have room in the Truck for Tiggr to go with them, so i took her out. we went to a community harvest celebration/chili cookoff, and ended up being a guest to a 30 minute sermon. We eventually left to go ToTing, and had a nice time, until the second time we went to my Brothers house to just HANG till me 12yo was done with her 'gang'
I stepped off the porch onto the lawn, and my ankle gave out, POPPED as it gave way (like when Imy ACL went, and like when my Rib popped the weekend before last). I was face down on the leaves and grass, sobbing, and telling my daughter NOT to bother my SiL or Brother because they had company.
Eventually i hobbled to the car on my bad Left ankle, drove (my Sticj shift car) to the parking lot my daughter was meeting me at, still sobbing. 20 min later my daughter arrives, and complains that she cannot go get her school bag. When she got in the car I appologized (yeah, I M a wierdo, eh?) that she would not get home in time to get hr chores done becasue we had to get to the ER, because I thought my ankle or foot was broken.
then i drove 35 min to the hospital near my home, not 10 min to the hospital near where i was hurt.
THANK GOODNESS the ER Doc recognised I was a medical professional, he did basic care, got a BUNCH of good x-ray views, and since nothing was broken sent me home to rest up since I was not likely to be called into work, and I was to go rent some crutches ($10 to rent, $150 to buy)
I get home and there is a voicemail, the School NEEDS me to Sub the next day. I called back expecting her to have found someone (it was after 10pm after all) but they still need me to go sub at the other school, and they are willing to give consideration because I am injured. So I say Yes i will do it.
I forgot to set up a puppy sitter, so I took her to school and walked her at each break I got
my FIRST ever sub job, told it was a great classroom, but still had limit issues, and a few kids had to potty 5 times in the day. I think I did ok, but I learned a lot about how to do better next time.
my Ankle is killing me, I have ice on it, and have to re-wrap it and put aircast back on, before puppy class, and pizza tonight.
I need to find out what is going on with my ligaments and tendons, I am falling apart.
oh an I had to give up on my volunteer job to get the Paying Sub job. The Guilt, it is a theme with me, hate putting people out in any way.
any of this less tragic than it feels?
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