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Originally Posted by marykz View Post
no you don't!!!!! hugs for you- sounds like a really tough couple days.
and Good for you for doing the teaching job- even on crutches!!! now REST and take the medications!!! and try to stay off that foot.......
I never did get the crutches, I just did MINIMAL walking today
even though I had puppy class, and (turns out) a school obligation at 6pm (short presentation took 95 min)
Originally Posted by Arielluria View Post
A whiney jerk would be someone who wouldn't push themselves. I really admire people who push themselves.
I think I push myself to much
Originally Posted by stirsmommy View Post
Sounds like a rough evening. Order out for supper and rest this evening.
we just got back from Pizza, i had to pay for the pizza from last week as I walked out without paying last time. It was WAY YUMMY pizza (eggplant, spinach, mushrooms and fresh tomatos instead of sauce, covered with extra cheese)

my foot aches as long as I M not walking on it, it really REALLY hurts as soon as I try to walk. I plan to get a cane or crutches tomorrow or saturday (yeah, saturday sounds really good, except for the basket ball game I have to go see tomorrow)

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