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I am disabled. It's been five years now, three of which I was not allowed to work through. My disability is called A-Typical Menieres Disease. It is when the fluid in the ear builds up and then the ear channel gets so big it gets a wee hole in it or a tear and the inner ear fluid mixes with the outter ear fluid causing vertigo, dropsie attacks and vomitting, with no warning or notice whatsoever. It happens A LOT. My advice to you is DON'T MESS WITH YOUR EARS. Go to the walk in clinic and have a doctor take a look. My life has been drastically affected by one darned ear (now deaf in it) and the other ear is starting to go too! I would not want to see anyone else suffer ear problems like I am doing. Best of luck and I sure hope you feel better soon!!! Also: NEVER PUT ANYTHING SMALLER THAN YOUR ELBOW IN YOUR EAR!
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