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Thanks for all the compliments-she loves it.
yes it is patons sws-natural navy I think-took 5 skeins
the pattern was not really existant; I used my gauge and then followed the instructions out of The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, but made it longer than they called for b/c she wanted it to partially cover her butt. so it's 16" from bottom to the beginning of the armhole decreases. And then I added a cable to the front sides b/c the straight st st was driving me crazy.

yes the pic in the avatar is me, about 2 months ago-should pop any day, though I'm not due until Dec. 4th. My babies are always early, first was 3 weeks and second was 4 weeks, so Tues will be 36 weeks and I'm keeping my legs closed, had lots of contractions yesterday 5-8 min apart for most of the day, finally settled down when I went to bed (& that's on meds to keep them from comming) :teehehe:
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