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Ear Piercing for Infants
DH & I just returned from Grocery Shopping at WalMart...DH was unloading the cart and putting things on the conveyor while I stood there and watched...(normally I would help, but my foot hurts)...anyway he looks at me and says "looks like somebody needs a nap"...I look up and say "who Me?" he said, "No, that baby, can't you hear her screaming?" I turned around and we were near the jewelry counter. I said "No, that baby just doesn't want holes in her ears!" Honestly, I am so used to children screaming at WalMart that I had just blocked it out....I usually want to scream while I'm there too! But, she was angry and I don't blame her. I just don't think that it is right to do that. Granted, she is so young that she'll probably never remember the trauma, but still. Maybe I'm just old school...I didn't have my first set done until I was 12 and then I got them done again when I was 21.

I thought it was cute for a long time, but now, after watching.....not so much. Now I think that the child should be given the choice which means waiting at least until they can TALK.

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