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Knitters in Northern California
HI to you all!
I'M new and embarrassed that I don't yet understand blogging. I wrote Jan and asked some dumb questions but I figure I will try this and see how it goes. And I will wait for her answers at some point.
I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 11 or 12, about 45 years or so. I started with doilies and socks. No more doilies because I wear glasses now and still can't see the thread well. I wore those socks for years though.
I taught myself after a try at lessons at a local knit shop. My first try there was a sweater knitted with mohair and circulars. Well it was all the craze in the early 60's. The owner let me trade in that yarn for another wool. I still had that stuff for years after I actually learned .
I am addicted to yarn. I have boxes and boxes of stash. I just can't hardly say no to any beautiful yarn.
These days I knit for my grandkids and some for my adult kids. I usually knit at least 2 sweaters every fall for the kids each. They ALWAYS have to have a hooded sweatshirt type with a kangaroo pocket in fron. I am SOOOO tired of that pattern but it is an easy from the top down and all-in-one-piece.
Years ago I discovered circulars for real and have converted ALL my patterns to circular with no or as few seams as possible. I have 3 sets of circulars, 2 Boyes and one Susan Bates (I think). And, of course, all the DPNs in all sizes to go with.
The circulars are great now that I have arthritis. My elbows used to get tired and hurt. Hurray for circulars!
I knit starting in October until it gets too hot. (Red Bluff gets over 110 in the summer.) Then I read and take the grandkids to the library all summer. This past summer the two oldest, 5 and 7, read 110 books. They each got 3 Round Table Pizzas, 1 for each 20 books, to a maximum of three pizzas.
Well, this was sort of fun, though I don't know how all you knitters find time for blogging AND knitting! Well, I'm going back to the knitting pile. I have 2 sweaters OTN and a few scarves and of course many projects waiting in the wings.

If there are any knitters in real Northern CA (north of Sacramento) let me know. I just can't seem to include San Francisco in N CA tho Sacramento counts!

Sharon, the kntting GMA
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