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Thanks for saying hi. I have been to Folsom a few times. Its really quite a pretty "old town". Like Old Sac but more of it! I got my Drug/Alcohol Counseling Certificate from a school near Folsom. So a few years back Itraveled there every weekend. Stayed with the cousin of a friend in the class who lived in El Dorado HIlls. I wouldn't be able to find my way back there if I were paid.
So what are you knitting these days? I have lots of things started. Two from the top down sweaters, a scarf, a set of slippers for an elderly friend and I may make some for myself. I never think of myself when its time to knit.
And I think we are alike. I had never heard of SABLE...but I KNOW I have acheived that status. I worked with computers for years but am sadly lacking in forum and blogging skills! I dont know what the abbreviations mean. DH has something to do with the husband, but what does it exactly mean?
Thanks again for the note.
Sharon, the Knitting GMA
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