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Thanks EVERYONE for taking a peek at my Malabrigo Bed Jacket...and I love that you love it, too!

I highly recommend Malabrigo for "wearing" as a garment. Most of us seem to use it for scarves and hats. But, it is really nice when worn on the bod. It is not overly warm in the house like some may expect! Maybe it is the eyelets??!! Maybe they are my "vents"!

If you decide to try a Malabrigo garment...remember this: You'll never get 5 skeins that are all the same "color". For example, this batch of 5 "Green Spark" skeins: 3 were a darker green (used for the body), and 2 skeins were lighter green (used for the sleeves). Do you notice that in my photo? I do!

Since this was just a bed jacket for me, to be worn in the privacy of my home, I didn't bother to alternate rows to distribute the two "dyelots" evenly throughout the garment. If I intended to wear it in public, I can assure you I would have alternated skeins.

I am making another Malabrigo Bed Jacket now (in Cuarzo/Purples)...and guess what?? 4 of the skeins seem to be the same dyelot...and 2 are different. These 2 have really really light purple in them...and these knit up together across about 12 stitches in width sporadically. So, the on the BACK of this bed jacket, from the armholes to the bed jacket is "different". Sigh.

Here is a 'model photo' for the purple bed jacket. When it is finished, I will post it in FO's. I'll add the bell ruffle cuff to this jacket, too...but no buttons. I'll find something cute in Nicki Epstein's "Knitted Embellishments". She never disappoints!

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