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Little Orange Bottles
I just found out a month ago that I have Hypothyrodism. It is not at all uncommon, it is just uncommon in women my age (24). All it really means is that I'll have to take a synthetic homone pill for the rest of my life. I've taken my first month's dosage, and now I have this empty little bottle that is not recycleable and the pharmacy will not take it back to reuse it. I'm starting to feel really bad about throwing one of these away every month for the rest of my life. So, I'm turning to you guys for advise on what to do with them.

So far I haven't come up with anything in my house to store in them. I don't do bead work or anything. My hobbies are knitting and coloring and neither of those have little small things that need to be stored and protected. Do you guys have any ideas? Or do you know of organizations or places that collect them for any reason?

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