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Working the Gusset
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What's the strangest medium you've ever used in your crochet/knitting?
My absolute favorite crocheted project is a vase I made out of drapery cord. The cord is about half an inch thick and very soft. I gave the vase to a really good friend of mine, but now I wish I'd kept it.

I've also crocheted with hemp, which is quite rough on the fingers.

How about you? What strange medium (other than yarn, thread, string, or twine) have you knitted or crocheted into a project?
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1st Leg of the Journey
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I use cooking twine to make beach/grocery bags. It's stong and really inexpensive.
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Working the Gusset
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That's a great idea, JLonier.

I've thought of using other odd things to crochet with--like telephone cable, but I've not tried it yet.

I've read of someone crocheting cooked spaghetti and then letting it harden into shape. Weird!!
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Turning the Heel
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I wonder how they keep the spaghetti from breaking apart while working with it??? Sounds waaaay to hard for me!

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Mod Squad
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The Yarnharlot posted yesterday about knitting with wool and steel wool together.
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Boondoggling string
I haven't actually knitted with the Boondoggling string, but I've been considering it for the last month or so.

For those who don't know, Boondoggling string is the rubber or plastic string that kids use to make those lanyards. I wanted to use it to create something that was waterproof, like a poncho raincoat or something.
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Casting On
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I've taken plastic grocery bags and cut them into long strips and knitted with them to make placemats, coasters, etc.

Really cool "upcycling" and very unique, especially when there are different colors. I got the idea from visiting fair trade stores.
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Cut up sweat pants. Yup, old sweat pants in strips, to make a circular rug. size 15 needles. It's so much work, it's half done, laying in a bag somewhere. ha. It works thought, if you have enough muscles.

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Working the Gusset
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Oh, I just remember one more somewhat oddball thing to knit with! A friend of mine who knits told me I could use rope and needles made from broom handles to make a hammock!

Thanks to everyone who has shared their ideas so far! Very cool!
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