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knitting in the round: it's twisted
I have well over 200 stitches on this bloody 100cm circular needle, and trying to control them has proved well-nigh impossible. I've used almost one ball of my BWM 10 ply, which means nearly 4 normal balls; and only now do I realise that owing to the INFURIATING way the knitting emerging rolls up and prevents my actually seeing what I'm doing, I have managed, somehow, to get the two lower parts twisted when I joined them.
I took such care! - I was POSITIVE they were aligned on the one plane.
But they are not: finally I can see that.
My brain is so addled, and I am so tired, that I have to ask this mind-blowingly stupid question: is there any way of saving it?
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Forget it.
My brain, struggling with it all, points out after all that nothing can be done. No putting off onto other needles and turning - nothing would conceivably work. It's a Moebius thing and it's not meant to be.
The herringbone pattern is quite wonderful, and so simple. But this large garment is not one to be worked out unless one is paying total attention - and even then one can stuff up. As I have done.
Six days' work, off and on: nearly four balls of wool.
Must've done something wicked.
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Rats! I'm sorry you have to frog it!
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I am so sorry! I just had the same problem only on a much smaller scale. I've not done it yet myself but have read here that you can knit a few rows flat before joining them and that helps eliminate doing the same thing again.

Whatcha wanna bet: If we wanted to twist the dang things they wouldn't!
~ GG

Cheating is an option. . . . Cheaters never win and winners never cheat, but smart knitters who want to retain an iota of sanity do, cheerfully. ~~Kory Stamper
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We've all done it (and some of us or at least one of us, more than once). It's just painful, but somehow, re-knitting seems to take less time and there you are back at the unused yarn.
You're working on a long enough needle that your sts aren't too crowded? That makes things harder. One other possibility is to knit a few rows back and forth before joining in the round. That'll make it easier to line up the cast on and make sure the piece isn't twisted. You can use the tail to close up the initial seam.
Good luck with this the second time around!
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Been there. It's very frustrating. The only way to 'fix' it would be to sew and cut a steek, but that would probably mess up your pattern.

It's funny that we love to knit, but hate to reknit something we've messed up.
"Trust the pattern!"

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I c/o 84 sts yesterday and twisted the join. Argh.

My "favourite" mistake is knitting with the tail.
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