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Newbie -- Increasing Question
I'm a knitting newbie. I've garter stitched a square and didn't measure correctly. I think what I need to do is an increase, but the examples on this very helpful site are in a diamond shape. I just need to increase the width of my square from one end to the other -- not increase a few stitches from a certain point. Am I making sense? Basically, my square needs to be a bigger square. Is this increasing or something else?

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Welcome LisaPS!

Well, if you've already knitted more than a row or two, if you increase now, it won't be perfectly square, because the bottom will be narrower. How to increase depends on what you're making. If it's just a gauge swatch, then don't worry about exact size, just count your stitches over the span that you have.

For a more specific answer than that, let me know what you're making, and how many stitches do you have and need to increase to, and I'll do my best....

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Newbie -- Increasing Question
Thanks Amy, for the help.

I've decided to just make this bit something else entirely. It's going to be a purse. I'll just keep going as I am and then join the sides together to make a pouch. It's not bad really, for a first project.

Only now I have another question-- I've come to the end of my first skein of yarn and need to start a new one. Only I don't know what that technique is called, so I don't know what to look for directions on how to do this. Help!

Thanks in advance. . .

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Here's the link you're looking for.

Joining New Thread of Yarn

You have to scroll down a bit, but this should work. Good luck!
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