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can't do the math!
I am at the point in a hat pattern and the instructions say"decrease to a multiple of 8 stitches and place marker each 8th of the way around the needle". Does that mean I K2tog after 8 st and, if so, since I have 112 st total every 8 st isn't each 8th of the way. This must be whay I hated math! HELP!! Please.
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112/8=14 exactly. I would knit 7 then k2tog to get the multiples of 8. You should have to k2tog 14 times, including the last stitch before turning your work around and following the next set of instructions.

I'm not even a novice knitter yet, but the math works.
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Welcome Trouper!

Actually, it sounds like they want you to decrease at 8 points, so that you have 8 "spokes" on the top of the hat. Here's how you do it:

You have 112 sts., divided by 8, gives you 14 stitches. So you will be decreasing once every 14 stitches. To do this, k12, k2tog. (This spans 14 stitches). Repeat. On the next decrease round, it will be k11, k2tog. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you'd place your stitch markers after doing a k2tog, and then on the next decrease round would do the k2tog when you are 2 stitches before a stitch marker. If the stitch markers are confusing, then just use 1 stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round, and count stitches as I described. Every decrease round you'll knit 1 stitch fewer before doing the k2tog.

Hope that helps!
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FYI everyone!

Go to
there is a free increase and decrease calculator.

Never do math again.

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the calculator link didn't work...
has the url changed?
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musican'swife - I just went there and it worked for me, although the menu was sort of in the way. But it still worked.

Great tool.

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