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Harry Potter --plot speculation, personal theories only
First off, I apologize to the non-fans who have to dodge three different threads already, and the book isn't even out yet!

I know we already have one "spoilers" thread, but it sounded like there may be references to outside "proof" of plot, true spoilers? I haven't read it. I'd like to keep this thread clear of any "proof" or even of professional speculation (based on articles, etc.) of what plot may unfold. Let's just share our own ideas here.

Starting with....
Originally Posted by BostonBecca
It's always been my theory that she kills Harry in a way so that oldemort dies as well. I think the book could end with Ron and Hermione visting his grave with their children, including a son named Harry. It would be sad, but a fitting end. I don't think Harry will kill Voldemort because Dumbledore has always told Harry that killing someone else is one of the worst things a person can do, that it tears the soul in two. I think Snape will be more complex than just being evil and will do something to save Harry at some point in the book. I think Harry could die and be reunited with his parents and Sirius and Dumbledore that way. I do think Ginny would never get over his death and therefore might die as well. I also think Lupin will kill Greyback.

Originally Posted by Chrislt8
I think.....

1. Dumbledore will be back in the last book - either in spirit form or "transformed" like Gandalf was in LOTR

2. Neville will be key to the final confrontation

3. Snapes is a "good guy"

4. Hermione will end up the youngest witch ever to be made a Hogwart's professor

Any thoughts?
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