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Life gets in the way of knitting
Don't you hate it when life gets in the way of your knitting? I have been trying let me empahsize TRYING to finish my sister skirt for Christmas but I have been working SOOOO much that I have barely any time to work on it. And then I miscalculated the yarn requirements because I forgot that I went a size up and ran out of yarn

Thank goodness I was able to find another skien in the MATCHING dyelot on ravelry but I am never going to finish my Christmas list at this rate. I'm normally a fast knitter but I need more than 15 minutes a night to knit.

And to top it off I missed 3 weekends a row with my knitting group because of work. Those women seriously keep me sane. I love those group of women. I never have had much luck making women friends and now I finally have. So I guess the positive is it makes me appreciate them more when I miss them.

My family really loves my knitted gifts and requested things in JULY!! They really just asked ONLY KNITTED GIFTS FOR Christmas. Are they the best or what? Now I want to deliver but I guess it will have to be after.

Thanks for letting me rant.
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RuthieinMaryland (11-05-2008)
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I seriously know what you mean! I really couldn't knit for months because of obligations of all sorts. Now I'm back to knitting for Christmas, but only small things or I'll never get them done. I still think I'll have to get most of them out after Christmas

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scout52 (11-05-2008)
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I hear ya, sister!'s also good to have a knitting forum online, where we can rant and be understood for our knitting passions.

I got up at 5AM today just to spend an hour fixing up 4 rows of a scarf I was too tired to look at last night.

Can you find those in-between minutes here and there, waiting in lines?
Leave the complex projects, like that skirt, for quiet times, and take easy things along with you?.....scarves etc...
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I totally get that...

Although I have to say, my past employer was very awesome and let me knit at my window (I was a box office clerk for Live theatre)...My request to her was, it is no different than having a magazine out....and in the end, she benefited from it too....

I used to have home, DH's house and work, and sometimes the streetcar, but now I only have my new even though I do not yet have a job....I still find myself with less time to knit...go figure!
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scout52 (11-05-2008)
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You have my sympathies!!!!!

But, do you need to re-evaluate your priorities? Are you taking on too much in other areas of your life, leaving no time for yourself/relaxation/knitting?

Maybe there is something else you need to say "no" to right now, so that you can buy yourself some time?
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scout52 (11-05-2008)
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I have finally learned after year off saying "yes" to everyone & everything that left me no time for myself to say "no". I was a stay at home mom up until January when I went back to work cause my kids are now in high school & don't need me as much anymore. I did lose my crafting time during the day but now have one night a week set aside to join some girlfriends at a local coffee shop to knit. Yea for me!I look forward to those nights & my family knows what night it is & they are on their own for dinner or have to rely on dad for what every they need. And no I don't feel one bit guilty about it! Girl talk & knitting, just what ever girl needs each week.
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Crocheting: Ripple Stitch Afghan in collegiate yarn from Hobby Lobby for DH.

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scout52 (11-05-2008)
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Working the Gusset
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I also hate when work interferes with my personal life!

While there's tea there's hope. - Sir Arthur Pinero

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Love this site...
I agree that knitting is comforting and relaxing. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a WIP to pick up when I sit down. It's also saved me from many a boring 'sports' night on t.v.
I'd die of boredom and eat myself to death if my hands didn't have some lovely soft yarn to work thru.

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question.
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