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Why You Knit
Hi Everyone!

First of all, brand new to knitting. Tried to learn it a few years ago, but real life got in the way and I stopped. Some odd reason, I found myself driving to Michael's and buying knitting supplies the other day to try again, and this time, it just all clicked! Things that were confusing before, worked this time (Thanks to the videos!) I really got how to read patterns and how to do things that looked scary like cables!

So I was wondering what makes you all knit...why do you enjoy this not so cheap and time consuming past time?

For me, I have Type 1 diabetes and a very cruddy complication of neropathy of the stomach, that has left me disabled at 25, having to live with my parents and too sick to work. I get BORED easily, because I don't tend to go out too often because my immune system isn't very up to par. So as someone super creative, I really wanted to find a new craft to relax with when I'm feeling icky sicky. Also, my sis sells jewelry and have been inspired to try and learn a craft I too could sell one day...that's a far off dream, but hey...good to have goals!

So why does everyone else knit?

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I'm returning home each weekend, that makes me 5 hours of train (2,5 one way). On ONE train. Normally I would have to take another one (ride: half an hour) that leaves 5 minutes after we arrive. And we don't always make it on time, so one more hour to wait for the next train. But generally someone picks me up.

Still. When you're taking the train on a regular basis, like I do, reading just won't do. Somewhen you feel sick of it. So I decided to try myself at knitting.

But normally, now, I don't knit on the train anymore.
(Mostly because I'm knitting lace almost all the time, and when you do lace, better not make mistakes. Moreover, I don't like being stared at. Makes my body temperature rise ... and sweaty hands are not good for knitting)

As for your goal, I see so many garments and scarves and things that look hand-made, and they could be hand-made as well. I think that someday you'll sell. I believe in you.

Have you tried crochet?

I like that as well. Good for taking around with you.
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Jan in CA
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Welcome to Knitting Help!

Good for you for learning to knit! It's funny how it can seem so confusing one day and it all clicks the next. I experienced this last week as I was trying to learn to knit continental. It seemed all of a sudden I just "got it!"

I crocheted off and on for 30 yrs and have been knitting for 3.5 yrs. I much preferred the look of the knitted fabric so I decided to learn. I love it and all my other hobbies have gone by the wayside in favor of knitting now. So basically, I knit because I like being creative and enjoy the process of knitting as much as the product.

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

NEW! KH knitting video archive

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As a Medium once told me, I like to play with sticks.

I like doing it and I feel better when I make people things and they're all happy about it. I guess I do it cause it makes me feel good.
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My story is actually a lot like yours, Alexis. Have health problems myself both physical and mental health, still living at home at 28 though I can work - I'm having trouble finding a permanent job due to the economy, just suddenly felt the urge to learn to knit one day, and here I am! I do find (unless it's my imagination?) that it helps me cope with my mental health problems: ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc. And I'm also extremely creative and love arts and crafts, always have (used to be a jewelry make too) and I love making things for myself and friends. So there it is.

Oh, and welcome!
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Abiah (03-13-2009)
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I learned to knit so that I could teach my autistic son how to knit. Knitting has been known to be very therapeutic and anxiety/stress relieving in spectrum kiddos. But once I got hooked, I kept knitting for my own stress/anxiety relief and a creative outlet. I rarely finish projects. I'm the consumate process knitter. Even though it started out as something for my son, it has turned into the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Now, my son & I knit together. :D
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I started crochet because of panic disorder/agorophobia.
I started knitting to make stuff other than blankets, crochet doesn't make good guy cloths.
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Because I love making things! I especially love making beautiful things and using beautiful tools to do it with. It makes me feel like both a lady of leisure (ha!) and a busy bee at the same time. I love being creative. And I love making little (and big!) gifts for people.

OTN: Eyelet Chemise in Handmaiden Sea Silk (colorway: Midnight). Still. And a purple Donegal Tweed set of fingerless mitts, to try out my new Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles.

Latest FO: A shrug for an Anthropologie swap in beautiful Casbah sock yarn, in Cedar, a dark green semi-solid, my own pattern. Also a quick Noro Silk Garden neckwarmer for my friend Aideen, in a vine lace pattern.

My knitting blog, Another Long Yarn
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Counter Point
Originally Posted by Mike View Post
I started crochet because of panic disorder/agorophobia.
I started knitting to make stuff other than blankets, crochet doesn't make good guy cloths.

Originally Posted by OffJumpsJack

Here is a crocheted, men's, sweater vest with (mock) cables.

But otherwise I'd agree, and crocheted hats and scarves don't count.
I learned crochet because it looked interesting to me as a child. I recently returned to it for a hobby. I picked up knitting because I wanted to gain a working knowledge of it should my children ask to learn.

What I get out of it depends on the project. I've made dish clothes, hats, scarves, potholders, and a hot pad. I'm planning a top-down raglan sweater for myself. There is also the sense of accomplishment that comes with a FO. For me it is the joy of creating something with my own hands.

The tools and materials are cheaper than those for wood working and we can only use so many bookcases, shelves, and chest of drawers.
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Knitting the Flap
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i knit because it is fun

i was visiting my aunt in Turks and Caicos over march break when i was in high school and there was nothing to do at night beside sit on the couch and watch golf with my uncle, watch my aunt knit, or read. i finished my book i brought the first night. second night i watched her knit. the 3rd night i had knitting needles in my hand. by the 6th night i was heading home with my dishcloth and a new passion for knitting.

i have been knitting for 8 years now.

i can't just sit and watch tv... which is what my husband loves to do. so we sit together on the couch with our 3 month old son, chat, cuddle, he watches tv, i knit... its fun
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