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Not a Fan of the Provisional Cast On
So have you guys tried this? I'll admit that I am kind of a Long Tail Cast On weenie. I use it for everything, sometimes even if a pattern calls for something else. I did learn the Old Norwegian Cast on for Vaila, and I was feeling pretty good about myself.

So my new sweater, Lusekofte, asks for the provisional cast on for the sleeves so they can be hemmed and I JUST COULD NOT DO IT! It took me a few tries to figure out how to do it, and then when I finally got it, I just couldn't join in the round. I guess part of the problem is that I'm knitting these sleeves using Magic Loop, which I usually love, but getting that first stitch knit and holding onto the waste yarn and not twisting it was too much for me. I finally got everything fine and when I got to the second round I realized I had twisted it!

So I gave up and did the regular long tail cast on. I figure in the end, if sewing down the hem makes a large ridge, I can try to unpick the cast on and sew down the live stitches. But the hem is 3.5" so I don't think it will matter. It is a little disconcerting to be unable to complete the FIRST LINE OF THE PATTERN!!!
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crochet provisional cast on

I Hate hate hate the twisty provisional cast on and have never been able to master it.

However, the crochet methods are so much easier. I usually do the chain one. Sometimes the chain doesn't pull out all that easily, but I have scissors.
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i learned the crochet provisional cast on....I love it!!! its the one i use for all my PCO now..

Recently, I started a afghan, and used this PCO as a CO because it mirrors the leap frog CO.

This is a handy one to learn!!

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Funny I cannot do the crochet cast on--being as the crochet hook and I don't work too well together but after watching and various video and reading instructions I can do the "twisty" kind. The trick is to twist the wrist. It did take me awhile to learn.

Anyway when having to join this sort of cast on in the round, one trick is to work the first row or two flat, then join. You can do a tiny seam later to fix it.
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I hated the provisional cast on until I saw this video: crochet provisional cast on I would skip to about 00:48. And yes, her tone can get annoying.

I absolutely looooove<3 the provisional cast on now.I just don't like unzipping and reinserting the needle.
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I did the crochet provisional and it worked well. Made a scarf that had a 180 degree twist.
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Thanks for those sites and videos. Now I know what a provisional cast on is. I have seen it in a few patterns I have, but have never even attempted it.
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You can just do a simple backward loop CO with another yarn, join and knit the first round with it, then switch to your working yarn. That's pretty easy to take out and is easier to do than a crochet CO. I can do the over/under provisional pretty well, but haven't tried it in the round and with a ML too.
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