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Turning the Heel
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DPN Adventure
Ok, a bit of the past, for your understanding.
I did knit a hat with ears. And hair. Some time ago.

Then I told my roommate that I did it for him, he was excited and was like wow, then I told him it was a joke.
Then he refused to accept it at any cost. I said I could knit him one if he wanted, and after saying (more than once) that it doesn't take long, he accepted. Then we agreed on color, he even wanted the ears and the hair!! (I can't understand this. It was meant to be a comical thing.... anyway, he wants ears and hair on his hat...)

So. I sent my DH yarn-hunting. Unfortunately, he's not as good as he could be
So I went yarn shopping myself, and bought some nice yarns for the hat.

I would knit it on US 11, even though the yarn says to knit on bigger needles, but I'm a loose knitter, and I don't want it to be too loose. After all, it's supposed to keep your head warm.

So I went to my yarn shop today (I missed the train on purpose, so I had 1 hour). And bought one Gedifra Riana Big Color, in violet. For the border. I already had other yarn for the main body.

I also bought DPN's, US 11. (8 mm)
Because they didn't have circs in that size, and because my 8 mm circs are in Belgium, and I won't be back before a moment.

Those are my first DPNs!!!

The lady there looked up the average cast on size for a hat, and she asked me how much that was divided by 4, for 4 needles.
I saw 5 needles. But I thought she just saw 4.

Until I did cast on and knitted the first row. I had twice as many stitches on one needle. Bad.
Then I understood what she meant, when she said "4 needles".
I had to reposition the stitches on 4 needles. Not so easy. (Given my GREAT mental arithmetic power.... )
But it seemed not logical to me. Anyway. My logic and me.

Then, I knitted. And I thought I had twisted stitches. Damn. Actually, they were not twisted, I just had to reposition the needles correctly in a rather complex manner. But I succeeded. No twisted stitches.

Then I did have some twisted stitches. I unknitted them and redid them the correct way. Now I'm a few rows into it, and it looks good.

From time to time, some needles get into the way of knitting, and I still fear the my stitches to fall off, but it's going well. So far. Wish me luck.

What are your experiences with DPNs?
The ways of Yarn are inscrutable.

I'm NOT a "miss", I'm a lady!
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Jan in CA
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My first experience with DPNs - I was making a sock and had the usual 'feeling like I was knitting with all thumbs' experience. I left it on the couch while we went to dinner. Big mistake. My dog at the time figured they were just giant tooth picks and proceeded to chew one of them into a million pieces. It was of course one of the needles that was IN the sock. I don't know how she did it, but she avoided the sock and just got the needle.

Lesson learned..don't leave your knitting on the couch when you leave the room. Also don't leave your sandwich. She grabbed that one day, too.

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

NEW! KH knitting video archive

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I bought a set of dpns to try to encourage myself to knit socks. Lost one of them under the furniture (I think).

So, I bought another set, but those are still in the package until my courage finds me. day, I WILL make socks!

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Mine say "sock needles" in german or so, and double pointed needles in english. Even though I doubt someone will knit socks on US11, unless they are huge...
The ways of Yarn are inscrutable.

I'm NOT a "miss", I'm a lady!
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Double points...

Having knit with dpn's on one of my early sock patterns I can fully appreciate that insecure feeling that by the time you get to the stitches on the next needle they will have slipped off into the atmosphere never to be heard from again! Or even that as you're knitting along the stitches you're happily puttiing on your right hand needle are jumping ship at the other end!

I had the same knitting terror when I first used those slippery little double points! Eventually you'll get past that and suddenly find yourself in smooth control of the project when you log in some hours knitting with them.

Meanwhile, if you're really too distracted by it maybe you could slip some point protectors on the ends of a couple of the needles so you're not worrying about loosing the stitches as you knit.

Hope this helps and good luck. Your project sounds like lots of fun. Let us see a pic when you're finished!

Happy knitting,

In progress - designing, knitting and writing a knitting book, "Design Your Own Gourmet Kitchen Cloths and Accessories".
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I actually learned to use DPNs before I learned to use circular needles...I wanted to knit this binary scarf pattern that I found and the pattern directed to use DPN' I first tried just making a simple tube swatch to learn using them...boy was that rough!! It felt like I had needles everywhere and a hopelessly tangled knot of yarn wrapped up in those needles! yikes! when I finally got used to that feeling I was sure that all my stitches were gonna drop off the needles...then finishing one row of stitches on one needle and moving onto the next needle?! huh?! then I felt like I'm in completely over my head and berating myself for getting so attached to this scarf I wanted to knit...I was quite sure I had become a masochist or something, because I refused to give up...lo and behold, the old adage proved true: practice makes perfect...I'm actually still working on the scarf (I got bored sick of it for awhile and just had to set it aside for about 3/4 done with it now and will hopefully be done with it soon) so, I can completely sympathize with you about those horrid torture devices - DPN's...
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I dropped a couple of stitches and While trying to get them back on an oriented correctly I lost more from another needle...repeat this process until it seems adequately frustrating
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