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I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Best Friend!
Starting late Thursday night, I started having some mild ear pain. Friday my ear started feeling a bit more painful and started having pus drainage. I figured it was just an outer ear infection, so I was going to see how it felt on day 3 to determine if I needed my Doc or not. During the day Saturday, it wasn't too bad. It felt better than it did on late Friday. However, at about 2:30 am on Sunday morning, I woke up with piercing pain in my ear. It was bad enough to make me cry, The worst pain I've ever felt, and I've given birth 3 times sans drugs, so that's saying something. I needed to go to the ER. and since it was 2:30 in the morning, DH was out cold. He's a heavy sleeper. So I got him awake enough to tell him I was going to have to go to the ER and I turned on the baby monitor so Mr Heavy Sleeper could hear if one of the kids woke up while I was gone. I couldn't drive, I was starting to get dizzy. I called my best friend, Sarah. She's a home body and never really goes out, and usually goes to sleep at 9 pm, but I got lucky and she had been out dancing with her sister and was on her way home when I called. I say I was lucky because it's a really big coincidence that she was up and out. She had just dropped her sister off at her house, which was (luckilly for me) in an apartment complex 5 minutes away from me, and Sarah had JUST left her house. so within a few minutes I was in her car and we were on our way to the ER. It turns out I was partially right about what is wrong with me. I have both an inner and an outer ear infection in my left ear. They gave me some good pain meds and antibiotics in the ER, and by the time I was ready to leave I felt A LOT better. The whole time we were in the ER Sarah was doing her best to distract me from the pain. I fell asleep in her car on the way home, and I woke up as she was going through McDonalds drive through. She had already dropped off my prescriptions to get filled (an antibiotic, ear drops and pain meds) and she decided to buy me breakfast while waiting to pick up my prescriptions because she felt bad for me.

I have the BEST best friend! We've been friends for 13 years now and I have always knows I'm lucky, but last night it really hit home how great we have it. by the time I got home it was a little after 6 am. I know part of me is feeling really lovey because i'm a little stoned on my pain meds, but I really am lucky

btw- I'm already starting to feel better. The pain meds are really helping and DH is taking really good care of me.
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