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Originally Posted by angel4ever View Post
I mean it's a known fact that most teachers with less than five years of experience leave the field because of lack of support from supervisors/administration, or general frustration with the students & their parents.
Being a New Sub, I see the kids you mean, and being a Sub, I do not have the pull a FT teacher would have if I see something to be concerned about.
It makes me crazy that the kids my daughters complain about are the same kids I see acting up in class when they are 'subjected' to a Sub.
Thank You for saying what is going on, you are one of the good guys.

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I went back to my high school to thank the teacher that made a difference in my life. Please stick to it. I know you are making a difference in at least one child's life. When my teacher's father died. our entire class who loved him so much showed up to the funeral becuase he was so great. we voted him teacher of the year and when he didn't win. we were so upset, we ordered him his own trophy and had it engraved teacher of the year. so please know that student do see and appreciate the good teachers. there are not many good teachers out there and you are obvously one of them. please stay.
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angel4ever (01-20-2008)
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Angel4ever, don't give up!There are many that will always remember their teacher. It sounds like you really care about these kids and maybe you're one of a few people who do, so i'm sure you're making a difference! Before we came to Israel, my father used to teach in a technology college in Moscow and he had some guys there from really broken homes and with behavioral problems. And somehow they changed in his class and were coming later to thank him for what he taught them. I hope there will be more teachers like you and him
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I never understood how parents could react that way either. It is sad. They blame everyone, everything, except the true problem: themselves.

I guess in a way it is denial. Denial that they could ever be less than perfect in any aspect of life.

I was a Girl Scout leader for years. I worked closely with my daughters and was active within their schools, classrooms and participated in many of their activities.

I came across parents like this so many times.

I hope you never give up teaching based on the few. It can be hard to keep going, but try to focus on those who really do care, who really do try, rather than the few who don't and won't.

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hang in there...your students need ya!!

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I fully understand. I have many a retired/active teacher in my family, and I myself work with kids who are "in the system".

The parents I deal with day in and day out say the least, frustrating. It seems 90% have a goal in life that is solely to keep their child from understanding action=consequence, whether good or bad.

I have to constantly remind myself that the people I deal with daily are not the norm, that addicted parents, jailed/prisoned parents, etc, are not what goes on in "normal" society.

We do the jobs that we do so that 1 out of a million people we deal with....we might just make a difference (ok I exaggerate, but that's how it can feel).

Just remember that you do what you can, you try to provide the services/structure/support/caring that you believe the child needs, and hope that one day it will be received with gratitude. Don't get down, sometimes those kids/parents don't respond now, but they will remember. One day what you have said/offered might click.

I've had kids come back/call years later and say, "I remember what you said/did and it didn't do anything, but I know now that you were right/helpful/caring, and that means something to me now."

KH is a great place to vent, and all can empathize, and many can relate!!! You are not alone in you frustration.
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angel4ever (01-20-2008)
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You guys are the best! Thank you so much for all your support. Yesterday was just a bad day for me. I'm pretty much over it now. I can only do what I have been doing. I know that there are parents & some students who appreciate the job that I do, so for that I am truly appreciative and thankful.

Thanks again guys!
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I see parents like that in stores, on the street, around the neighborhood. Called Children's Protective Services on one...

Vent away, love, vent away. MOST parents DO support and appreciate you.

While you may or may not agree with corporeal punishment, this might tickle your funny bone. When my daughter was young, I explained that I spanked her when she was really bad because I wanted her to grow up to be a good person, to know how to act right around people--kids who acted up at school were never very happy people were they? I didn't like doing it, but I spanked her because I cared how she turned out. At age 13 while we were in a store a young boy was throwing a screaming stomping fit...dear daughter turned to me and said, "His Momma doesn't love him enough--she doesn't spank him." The lesson on discipline as part of parental love had stuck with her.
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