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Originally Posted by brendajos View Post
Dustina will tell you that one of the biggest things I will rail against in the world is sodium added to my food. I don't have issues that preclude me from injesting sodium but I reeeeeeeally hate that it is added to just about everything we consume.

Just about anything in the frozen food aisle (pre-prepared food) is going to be loaded down with sodium. The plain frozen vegetables are usually okay though so a good way to get away from the canned veggies that are swimming in salt water. The thing to really look at, as far as I am concerned though, is your meat. You wouldn't think you should have to check your label for ingredients but you really do. There shouldn't be anything on the ingredients label besides "meat." However, a lot of meats have some sort of salt laden "broth" added to make it juicier, or whatever. The meat, of course, is going to have sodium in it naturally... you need to look at the label to see if it is added or not.

It is amazing what food really tastes like when the extra added cwap is taken out of it!

Yes, I've found a few frozen vegetables that have 0 or little sodium.
What I'm really wondering is, could all this high blood pressure be caused, IN SOME WAY, to the years and years of eating lots of sodium?
I found out that high blood pressure is a SYMPTOM, not the problem!
Researchers don't care, I guess, about finding the root cause(s) of hbp, because they found a pill that cures the symptom.
YEs, I read labels almost all the time. Meat is injected with sodium to add to the taste, and to preserve the meat.
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Originally Posted by GinnyG View Post
There is no way to eat a diet which contains processed foods and keep it low sodium. Canned, boex or frozen all processed foods are high in sodium

If you need to monitor your sodium intake STAY AWAY FROM TV dinner!
As already stated, prepare your food fresh.

PLEASE give me some recipes! I"ve about had it with wheat berries, beans, and veggies.
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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I eat very few processed foods in part because of the sodium. I have high blood pressure
ETA: There are quite a few low sodium/salt free products now so it's worth a try to see if you can stand them if you must eat processed foods. Most are just fine, but the bread... blech! Not worth it!
Yes! YUCK! Sodium free foods, some, are pretty icky. I will have to train my brain again, to like things as bland as baby food.
I like the sodium free vegetables Green Giant makes. Never seen sodium free bread. Who makes that?
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Originally Posted by Krystal View Post
I learned a tip the other day from watching the biggest loser... For low sodium diets, if you feel it's lacking some flavour, try adding some red pepper flakes, to up the flavour, but add no salt.
Mrs. Dash has some really good herb and spice blends. I have the chipotle, the oregano, and the onion and something. They help a lot.
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Originally Posted by photolady View Post
I found out that high blood pressure is a SYMPTOM, not the problem!
Researchers don't care, I guess, about finding the root cause(s) of hbp, because they found a pill that cures the symptom.
The same can be said for any number of other things... from PMS to heart attacks. Doctors are not generally interested in the cause.

I would really recommend eating a whole foods diet. Eat everything as close to nature as you can. That isn't to say you have to completely eliminate salt, but if you eat fresh fruit, veggies, meat, etc., and salt your food to taste, your overall salt intake will be considerably lower than if you were eating processed foods.

I would also recommend avoiding refined grains. White flour and white rice are the main culprits for most people, but even purchased whole wheat flour doesn't have a whole lot of nutritional value. If you must eat grains, eat the whole ones... brown rice, pearl barley, rolled or scottish oats (not quick), buckwheat groats, etc. But I would also recommend reading up on the "proper" way to prepare them. Most people cannot easily digest grains, so they do require special preparation. The damage that a lifetime of eating a grain-heavy diet does to your body is not easily reversed. But because of the big money behind the grain lobby, government subsidies, etc., nobody's willing to admit that it's the processed wheat/corn/soy that is doing so much damage to our collective health.
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The American Heart Association has a Low-Sodium Cookbook. Maybe you need to start cooking "fresh" and utilizing more spices and herbs. It'll probably be a good move for the entire family.
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