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Just the other day there was a man holding a sign with words on it way too small to even read, leaning on one crutch! Wonder where he picked that up from?

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Turning the Heel
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You need to walk a mile in someone's moccasins before you can judge them.
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Guess it is my turn to offer my 2cents worth. We only occasionallg get panhandlers around here, and they always stand at the side of the road on the subzero days with signs asking for money. We never see them in the summer. I have to agree that is is hard to judge others unless we have been there. But I do think that there are plenty of people who are on the streets and panhandling, stealing etc, that make no effort to get themselves to a better place. I work in a hospital, and it never fails to amaze me at how much a lot of the homeless people that come in drink. I mean, how can you afford 2 cases of beer and 2 packs of cigerettes a day, but eat only once a week. (I completely understand addiction and have no desire to start a debate over it!) I always feel empethy for these people, but have no sympathy to offer someone who has made bad choice over bad choice to bring their life to this point. Now, the mom who is living in her car with her kids to escape an abusive husband, she gets my sympathy.
Anyway, as I said that is just my 2 cents!
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I don't think any of us are talking about the people who are geniunely down on their luck and wanting to get out of that type of situation, frankly I'd be surprised to hear something like that come out of anyone's mouth. I am, however not going to be guilted into feeling sorry for people who choose that lifestyle and made to feel like a "big ol' meanie" because my views are different from a select few. If that lumps me into the elitist or superiority group then so be it.
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Yeah there are some people who are truly down on their luck, but when you see the same person in the same spot with the same sad story over the course of several years you have to realize they are just too damn lazy to work.

I have offered to buy some of these people a meal many times. Once in a great while one will accept it, but most only want the cash. It's an industry, plain and simple.

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Jan in CA
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This is a touchy subject so I'd like everyone to step back and take a deep breath and think before you speak. Thank you.

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How ironic. I just got back from volunteering at the local soup kitchen. A fine crowd of people in need I saw. None of which needed any props. There are bad apples in every class from the very top to the very bottom. The amount a person has in the bank does not determine if they are good or bad, There are some very bad rich people out there and some very bad poor.
It is what is in your heart that makes you shine. We can only pray for those in need and take care of ours.
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This has been interesting to read. In my area (very small town) there aren't any-but when I go to the nearest big city, they are at almost every street light. I have given money to some when I have it-especially the man who was selling beaded (plastic pony beads) key chains by the side of the road at the light. I was so impressed that he actually had made something to sell in return for his "pay" that I happily purchased one-and used it for a long time.

But I have learned to be wary. I had gone downtown with my kids to take them to the library I think, and there was a fairly clean looking older man on the side of the road at a stop-light. He asked me for money, and I truly didn't have any, and told him so. He started yelling at me, cussing at me (my 4 kids, including a baby with me) and calling me a liar-I was scared!! Thank God the light changed-we was able to escape without harm, but it really changed my perspective.

It's sad, but this made me much less likely to stop and help because of the ones who might be dangerous. My heart goes out to those who really need help, because I know they are out there; but I intend to be careful about who I do give to.
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Like Misty, I offer food if asked for money. Most people are extremely appreciative.

We've made donations of time, food, and money to our local shelters and organizations. Many of these places specifically ask that donations not be given directly to individuals.
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I think that you have to judge each situation as they happen. I have said no about as many tines as I have given. I usually give what I have in my pocket or tell them that I see them when I leaving the store (I never go in my purse with them looking). I have to trust that they are going to put the money to good use. I have scaled back on my giving however. I was once in Office Depot buying supplies for my students when a man (not dress badly) came in an asked those of us standing in line for money. One man stated that the store was taking applications. The beggar yelled that he wasn't trying to get a job. He stated that he wasn't going to work for the "white man." We all thought that is was ironic that he had no problem begging from all of the African American's in the line. Most of us had two jobs. Again, we have to take each situation as they come.

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