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Any parent who goes to great lengths to make sure their 10 year old still believes in any of the fantasy characters is sick and needs an evaluation. Talk about a control freak. So they make the kid the laughing stock of the 5th grade and cause all kinds of emotional and maturity scars so they can have their cute fun for another year? Unreal.
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Working the Gusset
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I'm 21 and have known "The Truth" for I don't know how long. It was a gradual process because my parents (because they want to hold on to their babies) never let us in on the secret officially. In fact, if the phrase "I don't believe in Santa" or any derivitive thereof is uttered within their hearing, the culprit is threatened with removal of all gifts. Not just gifts from "Santa" either, but gifts from mom and dad, and sometimes the grandparents, too. My brother and I were quick to pick up on this and are careful to play along. Some parents just don't want their kids to grow up.

That said, their being so upset with Wal Mart doesn't bother me nearly as much as the fact that THIS is what tipped them all over the scale. With all of the other Wal Mart issues (I do shop there, they're cheap and I don't have much money so sometimes, its just the only choice) - what makes them so mad is that Wal Mart is disillusioning their kids (who as previously mentioned, are probably of a more-than reasonable age to be finding out what is really going on).
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I agree that if your child is old enough to comprehend what was said in this commercial, then they're too old to be believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.

I was younger than ten when I found out "the truth" and I can say with all honesty that I wasn't particularly traumatized. I had started to figure things out when I noticed that Santa's handwriting was exactly the same as my mothers and that Santa used the same wrapping paper that we did. So when the other kids at school said something, it made complete sense to me. Although, I have to admit that I kept putting the baby teeth out long after I figured out the truth about the Tooth Fairy just to get the money.

I also agree that there are way more important issues that we should be worried about than one stupid Wal-Mart commerical.
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We didn't really have the concept of the "Easter Bunny" while I was growing up in Mexico, so to me it isn't that important. You're supposed to celebrate Easter, not hidden eggs, but that's just my opinion.

My brother, sister and I didn't really believe in Santa either. No one told us, but for some reason we just knew it was our parents. They kept trying to convince us that there was a Santa, but we refused it hahahaha. It has been the source of a lot of teasing back and forth over the years ^__^
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My daughter, who is 9 firmly believes in both Santa and the Easter Bunny. Firends at school have told her they're not real and heck, I've even tried to tell her about Santa. She refuses to not believe. LOL

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Those women obviously haven't had their daily dose of chocolate. If they had, they wouldn't be fussing over such nonsense.

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