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Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post

'Princess', I've seen 16 y.o. drivers who drive well, and 75+ y.o. drivers that drive well, and a whole lot of others who don't. It depends on the driver.
i agree with that statement, i think teens should have the road tests and required practice/curfews etc etc that they do. I just think something similar should be put into place for the elderly because statistically those are the two age groups at highest risk of accidents and fatalities.
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I'm not sure how this turned into a discussion against teen drivers. When I started driving you had to be 16 and have 25 hours driving with an adult. I've never had an accident and never had a speeding ticket. Every person is different, and a whole group should not be punished because of the actions of a few members.
My younger sister just got her liscense, and she was required to have 50 hours of driving with an adult. I find it strange that driving requires so many hours. 40 hours of flight time is the minimum required to get a pilot's license.
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Originally Posted by photolady View Post
You NEVER know what can happen, in a day.
This fella was just minding his own business, probably on his way
to a class, or just coming from school, judging by the backpack.

This is a good reason to know where you're going, after you die.
Well he was 42, and crossing against the light. I would never say he got what he deserved because no one deserves that ever.

But... lesson learned.

I hope.

Originally Posted by The.Knitter View Post
Wow! The poor guy just could not run fast enough. How is it he is still alive? That is incredible.
Yup. He was definitely lucky. If you read the blurb below it states he was pronounced dead and then started breathing en route, and then doctors fully resuscitated him.

That was insane.
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I'm too scared to see it! I'm SO afriad of blood and stuff like that......What happened? No gory details puh-leez.....
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Not sure that having to retake a road test or yanking the license of people who reach a certain age is going to keep people from being distracted while on the road. I am sure that we are all guilty of at one time or another of talking on our cell phone, fussing with the radio, talking to kids in the backseat etc while driving. Most of us have just been lucky enough to look up at the last minute and stop before running the red light or when we ran it there wasn't a pedestrian.
My grandmother drove a car without an accident on her record until 3 wks before her death at 84. If her license had been randomly pulled prior to turning 75, she would have been cut off from her life for more than 10yrs ! She lived independently in her home outside a small city. She drove almost everyday to the post office, library, grocery store, etc.
I will step off my soap box now.
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Originally Posted by knittingymnast View Post
I'm too scared to see it! I'm SO afriad of blood and stuff like that......What happened? No gory details puh-leez.....
THere's no blood. It's from a traffic Camera so its far enough to see without seeing too many details. But what you see is an ordinary crosswalk with cars waiting at a red light. Someone is crossing the street perpandicular to someone speeding through the intersection, just then a car crosses horizontially through the screen hitting the car which smashes into the crossing pedestrian and landing on top of the pedestrian. The End
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