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Originally Posted by feministmama View Post
How many pounds do you get in a whole cow?
As a farmer's daughter who grew up eating the cows we raised (well not all of them... that would be a lot of freakin' meat!) i can say 1 cow is a LOT of meat. Of course it isn't all ground meat though I suppose if you REALLY wanted to it could be. But there were lots of steaks and roasts and packages of ground beef and liver etc... When we butchered a cow it was usually enough meat to feed our family of 4 (with Grandma getting the gross stuff like the tongue!) for a year.
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bailsmom (04-19-2008)


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another thought--

you can also buy oftentimes what is called a "mixed quarter" get a little of this, a little of that. you do need a freezer--but it's worth it. last time i did it two years ago, i paid 3.50 a lb.
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bailsmom (04-19-2008)
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My "free range" is the woods and the livestock is whitetail.
I'm also on a roadkill list. About 1 1/2 deer will feed me for a year. One from hunting and the half from roadkill.

Pork is another hunting option. Many southern states have a year round season on feral hogs.

If hunting or roadkill isn't an option I would go for buffalo. I've never heard of them being lot raised and I've heard they are tender. But it's also very expensive when packaged.
You can readily buy that here at healthfood groceries.

The bad thing about sides or quarters is how much burger you get. Even with the deer I end up with too much burger. I even bought a ground beef jerky shooter to use some of it up.

Originally Posted by auburnchick
Yes, it is more expensive, but you are gaining many benefits from eating free range/grass fed meat.
LOL, spoken like a true southerner

Come on up here and taste the difference between corn fed and grass fed. Fat is the flavor. I couldn't believe the difference between IL beef and TX beef when I was there.
One thing I greatly miss from eating so much venison is the fat (and I'm like Jack Sprat when it comes to cutting the fat off steaks but just having it there adds a lot of flavor).

Originally Posted by feministmama
How many pounds do you get in a whole cow?
Of meat I'm not sure, but around 1500 lbs on the hoof according to a rancher friend.
Going by whitetail about 1/2 of that would be meat.
I think that's about right for what I've seen sides of beef going for.

Of course that greatly depends on the type and how old it was.
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Here are the sites I had bookmarked...hope they are helpful...

Local Harvest

PaiDom Meats
Nathalie - AuburnChick's Adventures

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bailsmom (04-19-2008)
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Hi all, well we checked Trader Joes and all they had were these tiny 1 lb packages, nothing larger than that. And their price was $5.00/lb! I might as well go to the farm.

We're going to try and find a Whole Foods out here and see what they have....this is harder than I thought it would be.
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if you have a local farmer's market, they will often have local meat suppliers also. Have you thought about decreasing the amount of meat your family eats? I'm not a vegetarian, but I cut down a lot. You can stretch small amounts by cooking things like stir-fry and mixing smaller amounts with other foods to get enough protein to keep everyone satisfied.

If everyone cut their consumption by 10-20%, there could be some significant benefits.
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