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Well, I couldn't use it. You still have "pokephobia" only you are poking something else close to your eye if it is what I think it it. The thing I was given was plastic with sort of a rounded end where the contact sat on it. I actually thought it was more difficult. I have worn them for years too and have to put each one in differently. The left one I can just pull down my lower lid and put it on, but my right one I have pull upper lid up and lower lid down to stick it in! lol Maybe this is a left handed thing?
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Thanks everyone for your input! We haven't bought the applicator thingy, but things aren't going so great without it either! I managed to get them in for him on one occassion. Poor thing, he had been struggling and when I stepped in, we realized he had the lens inside out. No wonder it wouldn't go in!!

He still hasn't been able to get them in himself. I think he'll keep trying, though he's not trying as often as I would like to see...
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I know what you're going through. When my DD was 7 she started wearing glasses but with sports and other activities it was a pain.

She got contacts when she was 8 along with her 9 yo brother. He didn't have any problems but she struggled and struggled. I've had contact forever so I'd put them in for her. But she hated them and didn't wear them for almost a year.

She decided to try them again and had someone else showed her how to put them in and she didn't have any problems at all after that. I think it is just in how you are shown to put them in.

I'd go back to where he got them and have them help him with putting them in until he is comfortable with it. And if he isn't able to do it with one person have someone else help him.

Good luck!!
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Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I have passed it along. Unfortunatley, he has yet to successfully get them in. I don't think he has given up, yet (I've never known him to give up on anything). We have renovated our home, and he has done carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tiling, everything. He has built furniture, and is very mechanical. He can even ride a unicycle. I wonder if we have found an answer to the question a lot of people ask: "Is there anything you can't do?"...

One of the problems he has is that he is very farsighted, so without his glasses, he really has no idea what he's doing, and the mirror is just no help. He had an idea to take an old pair of glasses and pop a lens out and try to get at least one in while looking through the other lens, but I must have donated all his old ones. So, we are still open to suggestions!

Thanks again!!
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My parents just switched to a new insurance company, so I get to get new glasses sooner than usual (I just got my last pair two februarys ago), and I was considering getting contacts. I keep hearing that my eyes might not work well with contacts though.

Luckily, I have no problem with poking myself in the eye haha. I worked at a haunted house a few years ago, so people were constantly doing my makeup. you get used to the idea of a pencil near your eye after a while
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I've only been wearing contacts for a few months now but I still struggle putting them in. I use a mirror but I look away as my finger gets close. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who that bothers!
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