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Run in with aggressive sales people
Ok so I need to vent because this really wound me up so I'm hoping that telling you guys about it will mean that I can let it go.

So, yesterday this guy turned up knocking on the door. We ignored it and he just left a leaflet for some kind of home improvements that we don't want. Today he turned up again and we ignored it again thinking he'd go away. My brother was in his room at the front of the house with his window open so this guy decides to shout up through the open window. My brother told him twice that we weren't interested and even went to check with my parents that they definitely weren't interested before shutting the window thinking that would be an end of it. As I came downstairs wondering what was going on my Mom was pretty wound up and decided to go and have a word with this guy who was still standing on the drive waving and shouting abuse. Before she'd even unlocked the door my dad was on his way to join her and told the guy in no uncertain terms exactly where to go. This only made the situation worse. I could hear them both shouting and see this guy making aggressive gestures towards my Dad. At this point I'm pretty worried because I have no idea what this guy is capable of, so I grabbed a pen and wrote down the number of his head office from the side of his van thinking maybe that might help, or at least give Dad someone else to shout at who wasn't close enough to lash out. So the guy then gets even more angry when he sees what I'm doing, apparently I shouldn't be writing numbers down without his permission. Finally the guy gets back in the van and shakes hands with my Dad but there was a moment when I was worried this guy might actually punch him or something.

We had a good look at the leaflet and Googled the company. We aren't even sure it is a real company. Its annoying because he's going to get away with it. The fact that he thought it was perfectly acceptable to shout through our windows when we didn't answer the door and that my brother had to shut his window so this guy would stop trying to bully him into buying something really had me annoyed. Then to hang around cursing and even calling my brother a liar when my mom confronted him about the end of it I was shaking with rage. If he comes again I will simply call the police.

So that is the whole story anyway and now perhaps I can calm down about it. People like that just get me so annoyed!
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