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Working the Gusset
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I have a cheap all in one HP printer and when I buy magazines, book or patterns the first thing I do is scan the patterns that I really like so they are on the computer and I can print out a copy whenever I need one. If the kids get a hold of the copy it is no longer a big deal, I just print out another. The originals are then put away safely. I also only print out the page that I am currently working on so as not to waist to much paper.
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Ribbing the Cuff
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Easy Sweater Finishing Tip
used to be intimidated by finishing until I found the best tool ever!!!
I was wandering around in my local Wal-Mart and I was in the hair care department and noticed the little butterfly clips that we use to pin up the front of our hair.
I thought to myself, "self, those would be MUCH better than Knit Klips for holding the seam straight for the finishing of garments!"
I now have a collection of those just for knitting!! Much less expensive and more to a pack than the Knit Klips which I found were not particularly great at holding the seam firm while sewing as they only have the one tooth to secure the seam.
Personally I pin them in about a half an inch from each other along the seam and then remove them as I progress.

I hope this helps to ease some fear/cowardice/anxiety when it comes to finishing those spectacular garments you don't want to ruin with sub-par finishing!
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Lisa R.
Turning the Heel
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Oh! Love the butterfly clip idea. I was trying to remember the name of the Knit Klips the other day, thinking I might possibly need them if I go ahead with a couple of projects I'm thinking of! Now, I'll just head to Wal-Mart!
Lisa R.

I'm Knittermom9 on Ravelry
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Turning the Heel
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This was mentioned in another thread but it was such a neat tip. From Artlady:

If you have to frog a piece of work entirely and start over, instead of ripping the whole piece, just grab the free end and cast on, and then unravel the old piece as you knit the new piece. That way the yarn is handled one less time, and doesn't have to be wound into balls. This tip is awesome and I'm using it right now!

I haven't been knitting long enough to have many tips of my own. I do like to reinsert needles that are a couple sizes smaller than the ones I am using if I frog a portion of my work. Since the needle you knit onto determines the size of the stitch, it is okay to do so and it makes it easier to get the needles back in. I pinch the work as I replace the loops so I don't pull any of the adjacent stitches loose, and work my way around (or across) until they are all back on the needles. I don't worry too much about orientation, I always check it when I do the next round.

And of course use the videos on the site. I refer to them often for a new technique or even one I haven't done in a while. I love KH!
I'm Laikabear on Ravelry, too!
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Knitting the Flap
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Just thought of a couple more-

Anytime you buy an article of clothing from the store, it comes with an extra replacement button; save those in a container for your knitting projects. I go through them often and use those buttons and save myself a trip to the store to buy one.

Also, def. need to add to your supply a measuring tape. I had one of those that you had to wind up, and it kept getting tangles in my other things, needles, yarn, etc. so at Hobbly Lobby, I bought a tiny one that is retractable for 99 cents. A very good little buy and very handy.
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Casting On
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More Hints
Dear All,

I cannot say enough about blue painter's tape. I write out my patterns, and just move the tape down on the paper when I finish a row. I also use it in books to follow down the page of the pattern. The tape is tacky enough to hold your place, but won't ruin or tear your books or paper.

I also use my stitch holder as a storage device. I loop all of my smaller holders, stitch marker devices, even a small pair of scissors on my largest stitch holder.

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Casting On
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i just started knitting a really complicated pattern and i needed stitch markers which i have never used so i just used saftey pins. is that okay??????
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1st Leg of the Journey
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Safety pins make great markers. You can slip them along on your needles or pin through a stitch to mark it until your project is done. Regular safety pins are okay, but if you have any coiless safety pins (usually found with beading supplies if your LYS doesn't have them) work even better. Less to catch on to the yarn and they hang flatter against your work.
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Working the Gusset
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I'm a beginner ,only been knitting now for about two years. I have my Emmalou she is an Austrailian Shepherd 'Aussie' DH and I live in a house that you can not hide the fact that a dog lives there too. Dog hair is everywhere! So, because of that fact I found when I started knitting that my yarn would always look like Mohair yarn, when in fact it wasn't. DH has made me Yarn holders out of our empty Folgers Plastic coffee containers . He drills holes in the center of the lids and pops a rubber gorommt in the hole so the yarn doesn't nag it. He uses the largest plastic Yogurt containers too. They work super and now my yarn stays dog hair free as I knit.

I also carry in my knitting bag nail clippers and a nail file ,just in case I get a nag . It's happen to me .

I also bought myself my own laminating machine and I laminate my favorite patterns and then I can use a dry erase marker on them to mark were I am at on the pattern. Plus is keep my pattern safe and clean.

I make my own sts markers from beads that I have collected for making my own jewelry. This way you can custom make sts holders and markers using the pewter letter beads .

Keep Christ In Christmas
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Turning the Heel
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Sometimes when I copy and paste a free pattern into a word document, I have a good look at how the pattern stitches are set out in the type.

I came across one the other day where most of the * for the start of the pattern stitches were all under each other - same position on each separate line, so nice and easy to read and follow.

K2 * slip 1, P7,etc
P2 * slip 1, K8

However, after row 14 - just three odd lines (not consecutive) were set out like this
* slip 1, K2, P7 etc

It looks easy to spot here but there was closely-packed type above and below, as is the usual with patterns.

Anyway, I find going through the pattern and highlighting each * in a different colour and using bold, *is well worth the couple of minutes it takes to do but above all, it makes me realise just how easy it is to mis-read a pattern!

I also highlight anything I find important but missed on the first quick read-through.

Best Wishes

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