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Stupid, stupid flies!!!!!
I have sooo many flies in my house this year! I have tried everything I know of to get rid of them short of chemicals to no avail. I made my own traps with jars with about an inch of agave nectar in the bottom, but they got out. I used a fan near the doorway, they still got in. This past Saturday my DS looked like a lunatic swinging a broom around trying to swat them. I put up some fly tape for the windows and I have caught over 90 flies in it SINCE SATURDAY EVENING -its only Tuesday!!!!!!! And the real kicker is that there are still flies flying around my house. So I had the horrible disgusting thought that they must be breeding somewhere in my house. But everything is clean - the trash is taken out daily, cat litter box cleaned daily, lizard terrarium cleaned weekly. I still took the extra effort to clean, wash and sterilize everything I could think would attract the pests thoroughly. Where oh where are the coming from??? Does anyone have any ideas where else I should look to see if I do have some disgusting infestation from indoors? Does anyone know better remedies to get rid of them?? I have kids and pets so I want to avoid chemicals.

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These are just your common every day house fly? Or perhaps a fruit fly?
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You might try pouring bleach down all your drains, including the floor drain in your basement (if you have one). Sometimes flies collect in the damp areas like that and breed. They're a pain to get rid of when they do. I'd start bleaching drains daily for a while and see if that helps.
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evona (09-24-2008)
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We had a "bloom" of flies about a month ago....but they subsided after about a week. I dunno what causes it. They came in from outside...because when we started leaving all unscreened doors and windows CLOSED...we didnt' get any new live ones.

Naturally, I was on major 'fly patrol'...with my trusty yellow plastic fly swatter.

To get them...if and when they have to 'see' yourself getting it SMACK DOWN. "See it...get it!" It always works.

Visualize the kill...and you will succeed.

My goodness...did I just say that???
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evona (09-24-2008)
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I was going to say, I find the fly-swatter most satisfying! Esp. those electric ones!

Can you maybe check the attic or basement for a passed away critter? I know it sounds gross, but sometimes it happens.

I also have heard of bags of water hung from doorways and windows, whatever entry points. They should be hung where the light shines in. It has something to do with the fllies not liking it because of the light refracted off of them and their funky eyes. I have friends that swear by this and use them in their horse stables and on front porches.
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Yup I am the fly killer in my home. They are disgusting things but me and my pink swatter are pretty good at getting them.
I did have a some fruit flies now they were everywhere. I went on line and found out how to get them. Put some apple cider in a small jar and cover it with plastic wrap. Then poke some holes in it. I used size two knitting needle. Worked great I could not believe that it worked. Also bleach doesn't work down the drain boiling water is what they said would work the best. Within a couple of days I was cleared of any flies.
I don't know if it will work for regular house flies or not but it sure does work for fruit flies.

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Ugh...We are currently having a problem with fruit flies. I first noticed them about 2 weeks ago and had no idea where they were coming from.

There were a ton of them hovering around the trash can so I of course, took out the trash, sprayed a disinfectant/deodorizer in the trash can, and mopped the floor paying special attention to the area the trash can is in. That didn't help. I was going crazy trying to figure out where they were coming from until one day I noticed a TON of them in our front room (that room doesn't get used much since our couch and TV are in the family room in the back of the house).

I finally tracked them down to a table we have in the front room that has a sort enclosed of shelf under it. The kids use that table when they play and they have a lot of drawing paper in that shelf. I couldn't figure out why on earth that table would be attracting the flies because we never take food in that room. I went through the shelf anyway and found, behind all the papers and crayons, my son had gotten into a bag of frozen fruit that was in the freezer, and, instead of throwing the bag in the trash, he stuffed it in that table

Well, that was it, that was what was attracting them. By that time, however, there were so many fruit flies that I didn't even want to cook because of all the stupid little flies hovering about. I talked to my mom to see if she knew of anything that would get rid of them and she looked online and found that mixing apple cider vinegar with a little bit of water in a jar attracts the flies, and, adding dishsoap to it makes it impossible for the flies to escape the jar. Well, I don't have any apple cider vinegar, so she kept looking. Eventually she found that fruit flies are also attracted to beer. I did have that! I opened a can of beer, poured a little in a few jars, added a bit of dishsoap and bam, in 2 days over 50 of those suckers were gone. There are still a few here and there but not nearly as many as there were! I need to put some more beer in the jars, but, I'm down to my good beer (Blue Moon and Sunshine and I really don't want to waste my last 2 good beers on fruit flies!

If it's house flies you have, I'm not sure if the beer will work. I have read, however, flies don't like the smell of cloves and adding cloves to an apple or orange will deter them.
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evona (09-24-2008)
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Love that! I've figured out that it's near impossible to swat a stationary fly unless you sneak up behind them -- otherwise they'll spot you and they're gone.

And this thread reminded me of the last time I visited my mom about a week ago; she had a few flies in the house and she told me my sister (who also lives in the house) THREW AWAY my mom's perfectly good flyswatter!!

According to my mom, she said something like, "What do you need a flyswatter for, anyway?"

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I have flies every summer as I don't have screen doors. I leave the doors open during nice weather so I don't have to let the dogs in and out. I found that flies of all sorts as well as wasps and hornets congregate on my windows. I go around with my vacuum hose and suck them all up every day after closing the doors for the day. It takes care of about 98% of them and then I cook dinner.
I'm waiting until after killing frost to wash the insides of my windows as fly spit will continue to accumulate until then.
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evona (09-25-2008)
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Originally Posted by Crycket View Post
These are just your common every day house fly? Or perhaps a fruit fly?
Common every day house flies.

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