View Poll Results: Where did you spend most of your knitting-related time in September?
Knitting Help 90 75.63%
Ravelry 24 20.17%
Other Forums/Blogs 5 4.20%
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I will post for the lurkers here I know noone here probably recognizes my name or would know if I were here or not. I read KH every day. I like the small feel of KH over Rav. Such interesting threads and people. Rav overwhelms me with the forums. The forums there are overwhelming. Anything I want to know I can ask here and KNOW that someone will take time to answer me helpfully.

Thanks for all that you all do (mods, Amy, and Sheldon.)
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I recognize your name!

BTW, I like the fact that we have a Chat Room. I don't think that Ravelry has one.

We have a lot of fun...especially on the weekend nights when we don't have to be up early the next day. Knitters pop in with questions and stay for awhile to chat.
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Working the Gusset
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I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS come to KH first. Ravelry is just so big I have trouble finding what I need. I do like it as a reference resource (patterns, yarns, projects, etc.) but if I have a question or want to post something, I come here.

I you guys!
Happy Knitting!
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Miss Moosey
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KnittingHelp is best for asking question and getting nice answers. I agree that the Ravelry forums are overwhelming; Ravelry is like a city where I always feel lost, but KnittingHelp is a friendly small town. I will always ask a question here. It is a much more intimate community here. KnittingHelp is also the best for learning new techniques because of the clear and awesome videos.

Ravelry is best for browsing and storing patterns. It is also very good for finding reviews of and modifications to specific patterns. Another reason ravelry works well for me is because of the many many photographs, which help me figure out how exactly to knit projects and how they should look when they come out. Because of the groups it is also easier to talk to specific groups of knitters on Ravelry than on KnittingHelp (i.e. knitters from Boston, knitters with curly hair, knitters who like star trek).

Can there be room in my heart for two knitting websites? I believe it is possible.
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Hilde said "I only go to ravelry when I can't find what I need on KH. I love our little community, and I think there's too much happening at ravelry. All my friends are here! When I do go, I pretty much just use the features KH doesn't have, like being able to look at different projects from several people at once, or to find out what I can do with X yards of _______ yarn. I rarely go to the forums."

Ditto for me ..... Everything I know about knitting I learned from KH ... and .... I have learned some other very interesting things, too ...

I am DebbieKnits on Ravelery
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Turning the Heel
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I pretty much spend my time in all of the places..
1.) KH - I LOVE the community and the very helpful, quick answers I get. I like the 'smaller' feel and the sense that everyone here really truly enjoys discussing and helping other knitters. And the videos/tutorials have saved me more than I care to count!!
2.) Ravelry - I am a moderator of a newbie group, "Moving Beyond Rectangles." So I am there checking the group and searching for patterns! I am also involved in various knittin groups with other same hobbies over there (like scrapbooking, reading)
3.)Blogs - I am so addicted to knitting and craft blogs. Just to see what creative things people can come up with tickles me. I LOVE reading the blogs: it's so personal. It's like peeking in the window of someone's life. I also love the free patterns and the ideas I get from them.
4.)Other forums - I pretty much check out any forum that has at least some knitting. I check out alot of general craft forums that include knitting in the crafts and enjoy checking them as well.

I so cannot choose a place I spend most of my time because I spend alot of my time for each and for different reasons. And I can't accurately tell you where I go first because that changes everytime I get on the computer. It really just depends on what I need when I get on the internet.
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I check here first, because I "know" you guys.

I have participated in forums in Ravelry, but it isn't the same. And if I have any questions, here is definitely where I come.

I use Ravelry more for patterns but when I was looking last night I was having a hard time- found exactly what I was hunting in the free pattern link here.

I love them both!
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For the month of September, I spent most of my time at KH. Getting back into knitting has spurred that on and needing help to continue my project has left two permanent KH pages up on my computer screen right now.

Ravelry has me curious, but I haven't gone over there yet to check it out. I am trying to manage my time at the computer better.

I am a mmorg gamer (Warcraft and Warhammer presently) so I have a couple forums that I check often when I am actively playing. However, for the month of September, the games and the surfing took a back seat to knitting.
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Instepping Out
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I definitely come here first. I definitely come here at least once a day. Ralvery - I love it, but honestly I don't go there every day. There are just tooo many forums. I do love using is as a resource - finding yarn, what to do with yarn, looking for projects - way cool for that kind of stuff.

Mirl56 at Ravelry, too.

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After reading the news at Yahoo, my next stop is definitely here. I check in here most every day. Ravelry I only use when I'm looking for ideas for yarn I have, maybe twice a month. After Knittinghelp I check Yarn Harlot's blog. I have no friends who knit, so KH is my knitting circle. I don't know how much I would knit if it weren't for this site. You all inspire me and torment me with more patterns and yarn that I must have.
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